Direct Advocacy

As former congressional staff, our team members know the players and the game.  We help clients develop messages that resonate with policymakers and develop persuasive strategies to achieve results on Capitol Hill.

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Strategic Advising

We pride ourselves on accessibility and availability for our clients.  Our principals are in constant contact helping clients develop winning approaches that accomplish strategic goals while staying true to their character and values.

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Monitoring & Reporting

We are our clients' eyes and ears in Washington, and we make sure we thoroughly understand our clients' interests down to the finest detail.

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Our Key Values


We are passionate about our clients’ business and are driven to provide an unmatched customer service experience and top-shelf performance. We have built our firm to cater to community-focused electric systems, and we know our clients’ business model well. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a full-service firm and the personalized attention of each staff member.


We dive deep into policy matters affecting our clients. As legislative and political activity increasingly converges with administrative agency action and legal activity, our clients benefit from our principals’ legal background and credentials. Each of our staff has direct experience working for and with Members of Congress, meaning we understand the pressures and priorities that bear on legislative drafting and decision-making. Our depth allows us to help national coalitions determine their positions, shape Congressional staff’s understanding of legislation and it impacts, and advise clients on policy developments.


We build strong relationships based on being a trusted resource. When it comes to policymaking, accuracy, credibility, and sensitivity are absolutely critical. Our philosophy is that relationships are the most valuable commodity in Washington, and we handle them with the utmost care. That’s why we are ferocious about providing reliable information with no surprises, countering rather than obscuring competing positions, and recognizing when a short-term win will cost our clients in the longer term.


Simply put, we know Washington. Our collective experience on Capitol Hill and as professional lobbyists makes the difference when we are called upon to anticipate where a bill is going or how a constituency will react.


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